Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

I remember. I was watching the news on TV while doing some early morning exercise (it was about 6am in SoCal). I wasn’t concentrating on the news at first, and only began to realize what was going on as the second plane hit. We actually kept the kids home from school that day. I didn’t get to work till almost noon (PST). Of the others that went to the office that day, most were unable to work, in a state of shock. Calls came in from our customers, colleagues and vendors from around the world. Also in shock, all.

Shock turned quickly to resilience.

Within a few days, despite the travel restrictions, customers from all corners of the country had confirmed their reservations to our customer event, long planned for the end of September. Intending to drive cross country for our little event. Not willing to let terrorists win. People were determined to carry on to the extent possible.

Resilience supported the US war on the Taliban in Afghanistan. Resilience turned to confusion as Iraq suddenly became a US target. Confusion quickly turned to anger as an unjustified war became a reality. And eventually a tragedy in it’s own right.

In remembrance:

Killed in 9/11 attacks: 2,973, excluding terrorists (according to CNN, Sept 3, 2006)

US Troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan: 2,974 (as of Sept. 3, 2006, according to CNN, Sept. 3, 2006)

US Troops injured in Iraq: 19,773 (as of Sept. 3, 2006, according to CNN, Sept. 3, 2006)

Civilians killed in Iraq war since 9/11: between 41,650 and 46,318 (per


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