Monday, August 21, 2006

Physical Attraction

It’s similar to how they package new celebrities. Someone you’ve never heard of, never seen before. Images appear. Stories appear. After awhile, it occurs to you that you’ve seen this person before. A few more images, and you take an actual look. And before you know it, this person seems to be everywhere. In movies. On TV. On the cover of magazines. And you begin to redefine your concept of attractive and desirous. Unconsciously. Based on this marketing barrage. Until you come to the odd conclusion that you find this person irresistibly attractive. Though you’ve never met, talked, or shared a single interest or experience together. It’s a purely physical attraction.

And so it is with these crazy heirloom tomatoes.

People have been talking about them for a long time. They’ve been written about. They’re on covers of magazines. And on TV.

Then you see one. In some specialty market. It catches the corner of your eye.

Then you see some more. With a little more variety. In more markets. And notice more and more people talking about them.

Now every stand in the farmer’s market has some sort of heirloom something. Usually tomatoes.

In many stands, you can’t really see a difference between the ‘heirloom’ tomatoes and the ‘normal’ ones, except that the price is two to three times as high for the ones labeled heirloom.

But the hooks are in. You know you have to try them. The attraction is too strong.

Finally, you see the Jessica Alba (or George Clooney) of heirloom tomatoes. The mother lode. Perfect in every regard. Ideal form. Breathtaking color. Unblemished. Wonderful variety.

For a price.

So you walk by.

Week after week.

But the hooks are in. They’ve got you. It’s just a matter of time. You know summer is running out. And they will be gone for a long time. They know summer is running out to. And raise their prices. Cause they know they got you.

And finally you give in. And shell out a fantastic amount of money for a tomato. Because of the irresistible physical attraction. To something you’d never even noticed not so long ago.

What other explanation could there be for agreeing to pay such outrageous prices for a tomato?

And they’re not just standing there counting your money. They’re already at work. Because they have to come out with next year’s even more fantastic model. In time to set the hooks and reel us in all over again.

We enjoyed these heirloom tomatoes with some fresh Buffa mozzarella, fresh ground black pepper, a few fresh basil leaves, and extra virgin olive oil.

The orange one had a mango taste. The red and orange stripped one had a sweet pineapple flavor. The green one had a nice tangy bite to it.

Worth the price? Hey, it was just something physical.

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