Sunday, August 27, 2006

Herbal Mystery Solved - WHB

Here’s what you do.

Get up early. Drive your kids all over to various sports at 6 am on Saturday morning. After having finished posting your blog that same morning at about 1am. Make coffee. Vegetate in front of the computer for a little while. Then go to the Farmer’s Market and bumble about for a while.

You come home with some really, really interesting stuff.

But you forget exactly what the herb guy told you it was called.

Began with a ‘P’, that much I know. I should take a pad pf paper and make him write this stuff down.

And tastes like cilantro. That tidbit stuck as well. (Should have just bought cilantro!!)

No worries. Internet handy. Search for ‘cilantro-like flavor herb’. How hard could that be?

Many, many hours of Internet searching later, admit defeat.

Only ONE result. Papol. One result. Not 10 million. Despite all my clever attempts to find out what papol could be.

With synapses mostly down, the obvious does not occur to me. That I have something wrong here.

Fortunately, today is a new day.

New searches, same result. When I finally find what it is: pepicha, or pipicha. Suddenly, the search returns millions of results. Whew. I thought I was going crazy for a while.

Pepicha, or pipicha – a Mexican herb that tastes a lot like a very strong cilantro. And – it grows well in very hot weather, unlike cilantro. So for those of you mourning the annual disappearance of cilantro in the hot mid-summer, this is a possible solution.

Here are a few links with more info on the herb:

TeenGirl made a wonderful cucumber and tomato salad, using the herb in the vinaigrette dressing, for dinner (plus she took all the pictures). For , sponsored by . Without yet knowing what the herb actually was. Hoping it was not some medicinal herb intended for topical use. But ultimately trusting in our herb guy.

Strong. Pervasive flavor. You just need a little. Full, full, full of flavor. I like cilantro better at the moment, but I’ve only tasted the pepicha once. But we have more. Who knows - it may grow on me. I always like a good mystery!

Note - I didn't post a recipe on this one, as it is just an arranged cucumber and tomato salad with a basic vinaigrette. We used red wine vinegar, one clove garlic, and maybe 2-3 tbsp of chopped pipicha. Enjoy!

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Strong. Pervasive flavor. You just need a little. Full, full, full of flavor. I like cilantro better at the moment, but I’ve only tasted the pepicha once. But we have more.

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Blogger Next Step Produce said...


the first three pictures are of Papolo,
a different Mexican herb

7:03 PM  
Blogger Earthly Chow said...

Here is a great Huauzontle recipe with Pipicha

10:43 AM  

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